Evan Marie Carr

Curriculum Vitae


Evan Marie is a dynamic and highly motivated professional with a strong passion for data science, data engineering, machine learning, artificial intelligence, and web and application design and development. She is committed to continuous learning and thrive in fast-paced environments, possessing the ability to quickly adapt to new technologies and methodologies. Evan Marie's drive to stay at the forefront of industry allows her to deliver innovative solutions that drive business growth. With a track record of success in delivering impactful projects, Evan Marie is always eager to contribute her skills and expertise to tackle challenging problems and drive tangible results.

Evan is versatile professional with a rich background in the arts, music, and creative endeavors, combining a passion for artistic expression with a deep curiosity for technology and problem-solving. She brings a unique perspective to the technical world of computer programming, app and web development, and data science through the fusion of her artistic sensibility and analytical thinking, which empowers her to craft innovative and user-centric digital experiences.

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